We are a premium supplier with a focus on product safety, quality and service.

Our clients vary from governments to medical institutions to pharmacies. Strong focus on quality control and quality assurance make sure that we control the value chain and deliver the products that our customer needs.

Our laboratory

What can we deliver?

Balthasar Healthcare B.V. is a medical supplies wholesaler of a wide variety of certified products. Reliable, dynamic and efficient.

  • Face masks

    s.a. 3-ply & FFP2

  • Desinfection products

    For people and interior

  • Gloves

    Multiple brands available

  • Other disposables

    Gowns and others

Who do we deliver to?

We continuously work to improve our service by maintaining a dialogue with our clientele.

  • Governments

  • Hospitals

  • Pharmacies

  • Medical Wholesalers

  • Retail

  • Dental & Others


We will contact you the same day

Our locations

Balthasar Healthcare distinguishes theirselves by having daily available stock in The Netherlands. Our customers can be supplied immediately. Furthermore, there is the possibility to ship directly to your country of destination.

We are always available to respond to your questions and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our locations